Winter Immunity Preparation Tips – Part 3

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Winter Immunity Preparation – Part 3 In this post I want to discuss some of the most detrimental components that harm our health and disrupt our iron recycling system. Below is an incomplete list of things that can fast track iron accumulation through causing a breakdown in your iron recycling system, leading to oxidative stress […]

Winter Immunity Preparation Tips – Part 2

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Winter Immunity Preparation – Part 2 Getting in early and building resilience can make for a much more enjoyable winter. How good would it be to get through winter without the aches, pains, coughs and sneezes? We talked a little about the importance of the iron recycling system in the last email, and there will […]

Winter Immunity Preparation Tips Part 1

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Winter Immunity Preparation – Part 1 Autumn is a great time of year to start taking extra care of yourself and work on building a robust immune system now, so you can make the winter a breeze. By now you will be understanding that I am all about MINERALS. Minerals are the foundation of our […]