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Our body makes histamine naturally. In fact, we need a certain amount to regulate sleep/wakefulness, digest food, and regulate cognitive function. But when too much histamine is made, or it’s made in response to the wrong things, it can induce allergies, gastrointestinal issues, rashes, and headaches. Histamine IQ is the first affordable, full-spectrum histamine-support supplement with ingredients that reinforce appropriate histamine release and clearance to enhance balanced immune function.

The ingredients in Histamine IQ:

  • Enhance histamine metabolism*
  • Support healthy mast cell function*
  • Promote balanced cellular immune response*
  • Reduce inflammatory actions of histamine*

Diamine oxidase (DAO) from porcine kidneys aids in the breakdown of histamines released from cells or consumed with food. Nettle and quercetin assist in blocking the production and release of histamine. Ursolic acid helps block the degranulation of mast cells – the primary histamine-releasing cells. Holy Basil blocks H-1 and H-2 receptors, and Bromelain’s broad anti-inflammatory actions influence various systems related to histamine release, response, and breakdown.

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DAO (Diamine Oxidase) from porcine kidney – 4mg, Holy Basil Extract 2.5% Total, Ursolic Acid 300mg, Quercetin, Dihydrate 95% – 300mg, Stinging nettle extract-200mg, Bromelain 2400GDU / G – 200mg


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