Winter Immunity Preparation - Part 1

Autumn is a great time of year to start taking extra care of yourself and work on building a robust immune system now, so you can make the winter a breeze.

By now you will be understanding that I am all about MINERALS. Minerals are the foundation of our health house. So my goal is to help you understand how to protect and balance these life giving essential nutrients!

We don’t have to become an obliging host to viruses and pathogens that cross our path in winter. Many people thrive in winter without so much as a snivel. Strengthening the host is key, and you are the host! Moving your focus and energy to building up the host  instead of fearing the enemy (virus/pathogens) is vital.

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Building a robust, healthy system.

Balanced minerals are imperative for supporting our immune system and all other systems in the body. Perhaps surprisingly one of the most important to keep in check is iron. The mineral that will allow a virus to proliferate (multiply) faster than you can sneeze… is iron. Nearly all pathogenic microorganisms need iron for survival, growth and proliferation.

We have an iron recycling system that creates over 2 billion red blood cells a day and is responsible for a majority of our health. This is one of the most significant and sophisticated systems in our body. If iron isn’t circulating in this system then it is available to pathogens/viruses to feed off.


The key to optimal health and immunity.

Our lifestyles and nutrition today have disrupted this system to the point that a majority of the people on our planet do not have an efficient or fully functioning iron recycling system. Instead, iron is unbound (not in its storage protein or part of the recycling system) and available to pathogens/viruses to chow down on. This unbound iron stores in our cells and tissue, feeds the enemy and also causes the inflammation that leads to a deterioration in our health.

To have optimal health and immunity we must address this very sophisticated system. The mineral imbalance domino-effect of iron being out of check will cause havoc with our immunity and energy. This system needs 25mg of iron a day. But 24 of that is recycled! So the reality is only 1mg of iron needs to be added a day. Just imagine how things would go if you were taking high dose iron supplements, injections, or infusions and eating a lot of food fortified with iron and your iron recycling system wasn’t functioning optimally.

Some of the sickest people I see have done just this.

In the coming weeks I will be sending out information on the best way to boost your system, support the iron recycling system and share with you some swaps for conventional synthetic vitamins.

If you are intrigued and motivated to get started, you will find quality safe supplements over on my shop page.