Winter Immunity Preparation - Part 3

In this post I want to discuss some of the most detrimental components that harm our health and disrupt our iron recycling system.

Below is an incomplete list of things that can fast track iron accumulation through causing a breakdown in your iron recycling system, leading to oxidative stress and a decline in health. We’ve all done them, that is why since the day we were born we have gradually been getting sicker as a population. 

Ascorbic Acid
Synthetic Zinc
Synthetic Vitamin D
Poor nutrition
Synthetic Multivitamins
Cellular Mineral imbalances
Processed food Drugs/Alcohod
Fortified food and cereal

Another major problem is nutrition lacking essential nutrients such as retinol and copper. These super important nutrients are slipping from our food system, and being replaced by foods and milk substitutes fortified with synthetic vitamins like calcium, zinc, vitamin A and D. Milk substitutes are very trendy but the ingredients are toxic. Check the ingredients. Are you really drinking seed oils infused with synthetic vitamins and a little of the particular milk content you thought you were buying?

Basically the more of these that have occurred in your time on the planet, the bigger your iron/oxidative stress load will be due to the impact on your health and iron recycling system. This not only takes a toll on the immune system but causes cellular imbalances that affect thyroid, hormones, blood pressure, metabolism, adrenals and glucose tolerance to name a few.

I am trained by Morley Robbins of the Root Cause Protocol Institute in America. I am a registered Root Cause Protocol Consultant.

The Protocol is designed to relieve the body of oxidative stress, rebalance minerals and create abundant cellular energy to optimally run the systems and functions of our body. You can download the full free protocol here The Root Cause Protocol | Handbook Download and start your understanding.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO… An Innate Nutrition consultation  Obviously there is so much that can be done to boost yourself for winter. If you feel like you need more support please just get in touch. You can email, or contact me via my contact me page here.

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My quickstart winter boosting suggestions include:

Wholefood vitamin C (Never ascorbic acid)

Cod liver oil (quality is everything)

B vitamins. (from food source only) 

Beef liver capsules (natures superfood)

Bee pollen (natures multivitamin)