Winter Immunity Preparation - Part 2

Getting in early and building resilience can make for a much more enjoyable winter. How good would it be to get through winter without the aches, pains, coughs and sneezes? We talked a little about the importance of the iron recycling system in the last email, and there will be more to come on this.

But first some of the best ways to boost your system and protect the iron recycling system include…

Good Nutrition

We’ve heard it all before – “Avoid processed and sugary foods and drinks. Eat food from nature” But the reality is, eating plenty of protein – eggs, fish, chicken and red meats and lots of coloured fruits and vegetables is how we boost our mineral tank. This really can make the biggest difference. Processed, high carbohydrate foods will take a toll on our mineral status. These foods contain a plethora of destructive chemicals that will deplete and destroy minerals. 

Avoid fortified foods. If food is fortified it is not from nature. These foods are a staple in a lot of homes –  cereals, milo, milk alternatives and bread. If these foods also contain iron then you are playing russian roulette with your health. This isn’t an iron our body can metabolise, but rather a toxic iron filing. It is high dose and inflammatory! If you need convincing then this link will take you to my Instagram page and you can watch a video of me pulling iron filings from weetbix blended with water. 

The nutrients you fill the host with is going to dictate how resilient you are. Viruses love a sugar ladened, sluggish body. But to most the favourite fuel is still iron.

Prioritising Sleep

Get yourself a bedtime routine that will ensure a decent sleep. An epsom bath foot soak, guided meditation or reading a good book and a herbal tea can send you off into a peaceful slumber. 

Manage those things that are disruptive to a good night’s sleep. The blue light from your devices can really upset your natural rhythm. Alcohol can have you waking through the night. Sugary foods before bed may make it hard to drift off and have waking to pee. Stress and worries that are right there when you wake could perhaps be managed by journaling before bed. Making small changes might just surprise you.


Movement & Exercise

We know it’s important. But not everyone loves it. Find your happy here. Whatever that looks like. But movement everyday can really boost your mental and physical wellbeing. My biggest tip is that no matter how much you don’t feel like doing it YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT. And it is highly likely you will regret not doing it.

If it is an area you battle with, just set yourself a small weekly target. Perhaps 2x 30 minute walks in nature. Trust me YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT. Make a commitment to yourself and your health. If nothing else it is time out and away from your responsibilities, time to check in with yourself and catch your breath.

R (1) (1)


Arrrggh this is a big one. The money spent on marketing cheap synthetic vitamins is endless. They are everywhere. These can be very destructive and even toxic. If you feel like your nutrition isn’t giving you all you need then please supplement from nature. Supplements from nature can be so supportive and nutrient dense. Nature will supply the cofactors needed to carry and metabolise the vitamins and minerals, ensuring they do the job they need to without causing destruction. How will you know if your vitamins are synthetic? The ingredients! Did they come from food/nature? If not, in the bin, it’s just not worth it.

If you would like to change your health trajectory through a new groundbreaking paradigm then please get in touch. It is so important to realise there is no magic pill or overnight fix. True health comes from commitment and consistency, matched with a lens into, and understanding of your own biochemical imbalances.