Wheat Germ IQ (Vitamin E)


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Wheat Germ Oil Formulation

Support your immune system and protect your body from free radicals that cause oxidative damage.*

Wheat Germ IQ is a potent formulation containing 500mg of Wheat Germ Oil per softgel, which is well-documented to provide antioxidant activity and support the immune system. It is essential for cell-signalling molecules and promotes a healthy inflammatory response, making it ideal for people with high-fat diets or who engage in strenuous activities.

The ingredients in Wheat Germ IQ:

  • Support Immune Function*
  • Promote Heart Health*
  • Enhance Antioxidant Protection*

Wheat Germ IQ is also a complete source of Vitamin E, and it contains gamma tocopherol, which has been found to be one of the most important forms of Vitamin E for optimal health benefits. Studies have shown that combining alpha and gamma tocopherol supplementation is superior to taking either form alone, especially for inhibiting oxidative stress and inflammatory factors. Scientific journals have highlighted gamma tocopherol as being vital for maintaining a healthy body.

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L-Taurine (500mg). Our L-Taurine is a pure crystalline, free form amino acid.
Other ingredients: Capsules (cellulose, water), rice powder and silica.


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