Wild Dispensary Liver Bitters -Digestive and hormonal support


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Support your digestion. You don’t need a detox; your liver just needs a little help. Rather than do harm, the plants in this blend help to support your liver’s natural functions – no juice cleanse required.

With organic calendula for clearer skin as well as globe artichoke and native mānuka, this bitter formula provides both digestion and hormone support.

Before a meal, Liver Bitters works to get your digestive juices flowing, flush out built-up hormones, make for clearer skin and even increase satiety by regulating appetite control. After a meal, it can help with feelings of discomfort and bloating.

Bitter flavours are essential for good health and are severely lacking in our modern diets. But incorporating Liver Bitters into your daily lifestyle can help give you the digestion and hormone support you need.


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